Everything here is code bashed out my me (at least in part) at some time or another. The code tends to be various levels of crud depending on when I wrote it, and how poorly I programmed then. :) Nonetheless, here they are, in case some bit of thie might be useful to someone. All code is known to at least compile under linux.

So, here they are, in no particular order...

redir 2.2.1 -- a port redirector, used to forward incoming connections to somewhere else. by far the cleanest piece of code here, because someone else liked it enough to fix it.

sparc64 ip tunnel ioctl patch -- This patch fixes the handling of 32bit ioctl()'s on sparc64 so that the "iptunnel" command will work properly. This patch is against 2.2.20, but it should work on 2.4 kernels with some modifications.

imagesort 2.0 -- an X based tool to go through a pile of images and execute a certain command based on keystrokes. Based on Imlib, and an excellent companion to aub. Now runs on win32 with the cygnus dll...

fbdoom -- a patch for the Doom 1.10 source code so that it can be run on a framebuffer device in linux, without having to bother with X.

filedupe 1.1 -- checks a directory of files against a list of those seen before, by md5sum and file size. A useful compainon to aub and imagesort, so you don't have to see the same damn images people post to usenet over and over again.

tnlited 0.6 -- a very very small single-process telnetd which doesn't do much, but occasionally does it right. It can launch a login prompt, but you might not want to do it. More useful for something like a BBS which requires a tty but not the girth of telnetd.

crackpipe.c -- a virtually undocumented, but tiny, hunk of code utilizing the linux Ethertap device to tunnel IP's over normal TCP/UDP connections. Firewalls suck. Being actively developed.

rrdhcpcd 1.02 glibc patch -- patches rrdhcpcd 1.02 to compile successfuly on linux under glibc. This patch has been submitted to the rrdhcpcd author, but it never quite showed up. damn.

battle.net proxy v0.01 -- a proxy for Linux systems using masquerading and transparent proxy support which allows masqueraded systems to play blizzard games using battle.net. It's not exactly the cleanest hunk of code in the world...

TIcomm 1.0 -- communicates with TI 89/92 graphing calculators. Includes variable transfer/listing and remote command capability.

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