Despite the incredible lameness I feel for actually having a home page, I've been forced into creating one so that some of the crud I occasionally happen to produce can have a place to live. I cater not to the w4r3z/pr0n people, for you should be able to find someplace better than the web, or thou art even 14m3r than I. If you found this page by accident, it boggles me as to how. I hope that it's minimal enough that, while as useless as the web as a whole, it will waste less bandwidth.

Also, visit the SammyNET online store. Buy my crap.


Hacks -- various chunks of code I've turned out at some time for some reason. Of varying utility and functionality.

Racing chair -- A large, bulky item I built out of some PVC pipes.

Oxidus -- A BBS (remember those?) I'm currently writing for linux. Probably only useful for curiousity at the moment, and not production.

My old home page -- This is what it used to look like. it's a parody of something, and if you've never seen the original there's nothing I can say to make it entertain you.

My resume -- Hire me.

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